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Our Product Quality

Strong Material

Our products have strong and quality materials so they can withstand hot water at any temperature

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Best Color

Our products always use color paint with good quality, not easy to fade or color peeling

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Product Design

Our products are always designed with unique shapes, that's why many customers are interested

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Who we are

Nestled in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to offer a product that’s better for you and better for the planet. Born from the desire to reduce single-use plastic waste, Glaskco is more than just a glass water bottle company; we’re a movement advocating for environmental responsibility and active living.

Mindfulness in every action—this is the cornerstone of Glaskco’s philosophy. We’re not just in the business of quenching thirst; we’re here to foster a community of individuals who are proactive about their health and the health of our planet. Our bottles serve as a daily reminder that every small choice can contribute to a larger, more positive change.

Commitment to Reforestation

Each bottle carries a pledge: One Bottle, One Tree. For every bottle sold, we proudly donate 1 tree through OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organization deeply rooted in reforestation efforts. This partnership ensures that each purchase goes beyond superior hydration, supporting various reforestation projects across the United States.

You can see the forests we’re helping to grow and learn more about the difference your contribution makes at OneTreePlanted’s United States Projects.

Our Invitation

Join us in our mission to make a measurable difference—one bottle, one tree, and one community at a time. With Glaskco, you’re not just choosing a water bottle; you’re taking a stand for sustainability, you’re nurturing forests, and you’re becoming part of a solution that starts with a simple sip.

Commitment to Growth

As Glaskco blooms, so does our forest of initiatives. We are dedicated to continuous innovation and are fervently committed to enhancing the hydration experience. Your support allows us to deepen our impact, one tree at a time, in the very soil of our nation.

Dive into the Glaskco way of life, where every drink is a toast to a greener tomorrow. Together, we’re cultivating a legacy of resilience and rejuvenation for our environment.

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